Tuesday, April 1, 2008

March Housing Committee Minutes

Farview Park
Wednesday March 5, 2008

Committee Members: Marlys Hubbard; Dan Kelty (secretary); Alissa Pier (excused)); Bev Scherrer (chair); Leroy Smithrud, Kathleen Welch, Kevin Kuschel, Anderson Mitchel IV,

Others in Attendance: Haroll Harris, Bernie Nerison, Kevin Gulden,, Mostafa Abdel-Karem, Mahmoud Abdel-Karem, Abdi Gojobe, Jeff Skares, Len Lewis, Ray McConnell, Diane Hofstede

I. Welcome and introductions

II. Approval of February minutes
Bev/Kevin moved to accept as presented. Carried.

Approval of March agenda

Dan/Kathy moved to have councilperson Hofstede speak as IIA. Carried.

Diane spoke about two important items coming up to the council.
1. Hearing on Broadway Alive before board on Thursday. She invited all to attend and speak on the plan.
2. She introduced the Advantage Plan which is being introduced to encourage home ownership.

III. Staff update on Citimortgage lawsuit
Jeff indicated a possible reply to the lawsuit this week. We asked for the right to buy the property in phase 2 of the Green Village. We then asked for them to give Hawthorne the property, $50,000 and pay the legal fees. He will let us know as soon as he hears. New appraisals in light of the current housing market will be done by PPL staff.

IV. Presentation and discussion re: 2326 Lyndale Ave N
The request for the zoning change for the site was presented for neighborhood input. A citizen on the same block requested that the zoning not be changed as the crime in the area has lessened due to the closing of the store. The present owners were questioned concerning the due diligence in purchasing the property knowing its history and on the proposed items for sale in the new store, i.e. limited tobacco products.
Anthony/Dan moved to request the full Hawthorne Board not to support a zoning change for the site. Straw vote yea=10, Nye=0, abstentions=1. Committee vote yea=6, Nye=0, abstention=1
The motion carried.

V. Presentation and discussion re: Phase III of EcoVillage
Kevin presented and introduced, Iman Abdi Gojobe, from the mosque across the street. He is encouraging members to buy in the neighborhood.
Kevin asked for input for the block cornering Lowry and Lyndale. Some ideas were presented:
1. develop efficiency/studio apartments desirable to attract single working adults
2. have about 75-80 total units
3. involve McKinley neighborhood in discussion
4. evaluate the need for commercial units

VI. Agenda items for next meeting
A discussion on rental vs. homeownership in the neighborhood.

VII. Adjourn

Next Meeting:

Wednesday, April 2, 2008, 7:00 p.m. at Farview


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